Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Fri Sep 5 20:14:31 PDT 2008

Hello Tweeters,
Today was a good day in my yard,and I was happy to stayed home to rest up
for tomorrow.
It bee so long that I don't remember how long it been we had Evening
Grosbeaks in our Yard.I remember in the late 80this we had so many that
there eating to much seeds up,so the Pin Siskin.I have this tubfeeder what
got a big platform where the Band-tailed Pigeon taken all the space.There I
had12 EVENING GROSBEAKS, and took the place for the only female
BLACK -HEADED GROSBEAK I had for the last two week.NOW I had three of this
Birds.I also had one OLIVE -SIDED FLYCATCHER on the wires close to my yard.I
don't remember to having the more common in masses,that I have to put seed
in some of the feeders twice a day many young birds
I finally have it figured out where all the so small white feathers coming
from.The 15 or so Band-tailed Pigeon what are regulars are so spooky if you
coming close,there all flying at the same time in a flush and there loosing
some of the feathers and the wind if there is any, carrying the little
feathers all over.I also have so many Hummingbirds having three feeders who
I refill this feeders every fourth day many young Anna's,in November it is
going to be the ninth year that this birds been here.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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