[Tweeters] Volunteer Park, Seattle: WESTERN WOOD PEEWEE (really!)

Kevin Purcell kevinpurcell at pobox.com
Fri Sep 5 22:30:13 PDT 2008

In a private email exchange after some tips on empid spotting I said

> Kauffman's "Advanced Birding", which I have on my shelf but hadn't

> read the empid chapter (he famously criticized Peterson for wimping

> out on the difficult ones in Western Birds back in 1980 --

> something he regrets still). But it's an interesting read. For

> example, he says "All empids flick their wings and tail

> occasionally when perched" and the Western Flycatcher complex bird

> especially do this. This one didn't flick anything - it just sat

> there. After that and reviewing some more behavioral data in Peter

> Dunne's Field Guide Companion (feeding in the tree tops and the

> feeding/flight style) I think it might have been the peewee after all.

That and ...

I saw it again on Friday morning on the same tree: it has the head
peak; it does have a vest.

Plus I saw something else in rather vivid olive green and yellow
catching flies (just one view so no ID) which showed that the first
one I saw was brown/grey not olive green/gray (being somewhat red/
green colorblind doesn't make bird IDing any easier :-)

So I'm confident it's was WESTERN WOOD PEEWEE.

It'll probably be there tomorrow too.

Not long after I saw the juvenile COOPER'S HAWK on the eastern side
of the park being chased off it's perch by an aggressive ANNA'S
HUMMINGBIRD. And I mean pursued -- the hawk took off with the humming
bird chasing him. They're seem psychotically aggressive. This is the
second time I've seen this behavior with these hawks in the park.
Annoying the hawk and making move is not enough.
Kevin Purcell
kevinpurcell at pobox.com

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