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Hey, Mike and MerryLynn.

Fantastic find.

Have you considered Variegated Flycatcher (Empidonomus varius) in
your considerations? This is an austral migrant, unlike Piratic,
which is a northern-hemisphere migrant like Sulphur-bellied. Like
other austral migrants, Variegated has a record of penetrating the
northern hemisphere (recorded in Maine, I believe), while the Piratic
seems less likely up here. Piratic is really a small bird, not much
bigger than a wood-pewee, while Variegated is larger, close in size
to Sulphur-bellied. I would be surprised if you originally called a
Piratic a Sulphur-bellied, and from your photos, I wonder if
Variegated might be more likely.


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> Hello all,

> After studying our photos and reading a description of Piratic

> Flycatcher in "The Birds of the Republic of Panama" by Alexander

> Wetmore there is the possibility that this bird is a Piratic

> Flycatcher. The bill length and shape fit Piratic better than

> Sulphur-bellied. The birds overall size and bill was a point of

> discussion while in the field observing this bird. RT Petersons

> Guide to Mexico was not even close to this bird we observed, so we

> discounted the species until further study. Howells Birds of Mexico

> and Northern Central America lacks some of the plumage descriptions

> on the bird we observed. Blakes Birds of Mexico loosely described

> this bird. Irby Davis does not even mention the species. In the

> Birds of Columbia by R.M. DE Schauensee there is a short but

> accurate account to the bird we observed. We have limited

> experience with this species and have only seen it 3-4 times in

> Costa Rica in 1996. Please remember when you are out in the field

> that you should now have a h!

> andle on most vagrant Mexican species even as far north as

> southeast Washington. The old days of casting a brief glance at the

> Mexican vagrants just before you head off to bird Arizona are now

> over. The proof is at Windust right now. I wish to thank Steve

> Mldinow and Charlie Wright for their remarks.

> Later Mike Denny

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> Mike and MerryLynn Denny

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