[Tweeters] Migrating Birds

Darlene Sybert drsybert at northtown.org
Sun Sep 7 14:32:41 PDT 2008

My feeders were popular with Black-headed Grosbeaks and American
Goldfinch adults since early in the spring. The Grosbeaks have been
molting for several weeks now, and the males have been gone for a couple
weeks. So, I was not surprised when the females disappeared three days
ago from my five acres of mixed conifer/deciduous forest here near
Cinebar (between Morton and I-5). Most of the adult American Goldfinch
left a couple weeks ago, also, but one molting male was around here
until Thursday. I wondered if he stayed to watch over the multitude of
juveniles! I can only swear that there are eight juvenals because that
is all I have seen at one time at my feeders. However, I suspect there
are more than that because there were at least that many pairs of
nesting Goldfinch here this summer.

However, in place of these birds, both the Black capped and Chestnut
backed Chickadees have returned as well as Red-breated Nuthatch,
Mourning Doves, Norththern Flickers, and Spotted Towhees. The Fox
Sparrows and Song Sparrow that have been here since I started putting
the millet feeders on the ground in mid-July are still here
as--naturally--are the Stellar Jays!!

Darlene Sybert
Cinebar WA

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