[Tweeters] Washtucna, Windust, Othello

Randy Hill hill at smwireless.net
Sun Sep 7 15:53:39 PDT 2008

Others have covered most of the Washtucna and Windust birds. There was a
Lewis's Woodpecker at Washtucna also, and the Blackpoll Warbler was
definitely different than the one on Wednesday (wingbars and face not as
bright). I saw redstarts seven times in four locations in and near Bassett
Park, but can't say whether I saw one bird seven times or more than one.
All had similar female-type plumage. Back in Othello the Para/potato ponds
had a Stilt Sandpiper, and at home in town three Pine Siskins have returned.

Yes Marv, it was a good day.

Randy Hill


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