[Tweeters] Re: Loons Galore

Josh Hayes josh at blarg.net
Sun Sep 7 22:31:14 PDT 2008

>Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 19:45:03 -0700

>From: "Mary K." <cellobird at comcast.net>

>Subject: [Tweeters] Loons Galore!

>Well, OK, maybe not ga-lore, but there were at least three COMMON LOONS

>(nope, they weren't cormorants) near the Tracyton Boat Launch yesterday

>eve, and a possible RED-NECKED GREBE. Will report back after I've had a

>chance to take the scope out there.

Ahh, I meant to mention this when we got back from Fort Flagler after Labor
Day weekend -- but there were a pretty good number of COMMON LOONS
majestically cruising around between Marrowstone and Indian Islands on
Sunday and Monday of last week.

It also appears to have been just a BUMPER year for GB Herons; one could
hardly look any direction without seeing at least three or four, and often
there would be well over a dozen working the flats along the borders of
Mystery Bay. Practically no guillemots at all, and a handful of PLOVERS flew
through every afternoon, stood around looking exhausted for awhile, and then
ambled around feeding for a few hours before bedtime.

-Josh Hayes, josh at blarg dot net

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