[Tweeters] Flycatcher Chase anyone? Tomorrow, maybe ....

Guy McWethy lguy_mcw at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 08:40:04 PDT 2008

Hey Tweets,
IF the Variegated Flycatcher is seen today, and IF I can arrange a sitter for my daughter, I MIGHT be escaping from work for a day to chase the flycatcher at Windust Park, tomorrow (or possibly Wednesday).

Anyone want to share gas money and get up at Oh-my-God-Dark-thirty tommorow, drive across the state (and back!) tommorrow?

I plan on leaving Renton at about 5:00 Am or so ... (departure time somewhat negoitiable)

I could use some company to keep me awake for that 4 hour drive ....
Anyone out there almost as crazy as I seem to be??

Guy McWethy
Renton, WA
mailto: lguy_mcw at yahoo.com

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