[Tweeters] 'Empidonomus varius' sighting

Maureen Ellis mj2ephd at u.washington.edu
Mon Sep 8 12:27:02 PDT 2008

I have a large home library, and best description of the Variegated
Flycatcher is in Meyer de Schauensee et al's 'Birds of Venezuela.' My
Mexican, West Indies, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America, etc. guides
make no reference to this species. There is a brief mention of the V.
Flycatcher in the 2nd edition of the National Geo guide, and a pictured
description of Variegated in the 3rd edition cont through the 5th
edition. The Peterson eastern guide (1980) mentions this bird as being
seen in Maine, once! Its regular northern-most range is about as far as
Trinidad. My south-of-the-border reference library is certainly dated,
but this flycatcher seems way northwest of even its documented accidental
range. So, now it is definitely documented in WA state.
Delighted, me2

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