[Tweeters] Juvenile saw-whet owls

cwilsdon at earthlink.net cwilsdon at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 8 14:03:52 PDT 2008

I'm trying to identify a bird I saw flying close overhead at dusk on Bainbridge Island this past Saturday evening. I've scoured the Internet and my bird books and am considering the possibility that it was a juvenile saw-whet owl, judging by calls I heard nearby after the bird disappeared from sight. What I would dearly love to find is a photo or illustration of such a bird from below, the way a person would see it if he or she were craning his/her neck to look above at a bird soaring overhead...which would at least describe me. If you know of such an image, do let me know. Thanks.

(The bird I saw looked buffy, no streaks, on chest and belly...squared-off dark tail, like a block of darkness...silent flight...dark head...broad but pointed long wings, dark--no striping--but of course the dimming light could have had an impact on what I saw; yet there was enough evening light and it was close enough that I thought I'd gotten a pretty good leisurely look at it. Then, the more I look at pictures, the fuzzier my memory grows...Size-wise, it looked to be almost crow-sized. Instantly thought "raptor" when I saw it; didn't look anything like any other nocturnal bird images I checked out.)

Christina (Seattle)
cwilsdon at earthlink net

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