[Tweeters] A Plea For More Timely Postings on the Megas

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Tue Sep 9 07:28:24 PDT 2008

Hello, Read about the "Sulpher-bellied Flycatcher" on Saturday night. Had to decide whether to blow off a huge family project (and $80 in gas) for a run at it.
For once I figured "let me wait and see on this one. it's just a state bird".
Awoke Sunday, checked tweeters, ready to run out the door- nothing posted.
It continued that way throught the early afternoon, as I checked several times an hour.
At 2:30pm I finally checked the Oregon page, and there it was, the bird had been reidentified as a Variegated Flycatcher and had been seen all morning. There were multiple fresh posts.
Still nothing on tweets and it was pushing 3pm.
The 4 1/2 hour drive from Olympia would put me in place just at sunset... should I bolt? Hmmmmm.
All things considered at that late hour, I decided to wait til morning.
Monday at 3am I made the drive, fed the car $80 and learned the bird had moved on.
Drove home.
I'm usually home all day. I'd be happy to post updates on mega-rarities phoned in from the field.
Keith Brady
Olynpia, WA
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