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Wed Sep 10 00:39:28 PDT 2008

Hello Tweeters,
I had planed the trip to Washtucna for the last week or so,remember the good
times we spend there last year ,this about at the same time,birding all the
hotspots.The time was from the 6th to the 9th of September 2007
So it is no surprise that the time was right this year to.The Hot bird last
year was a Blue headed Vireo in Lyons Ferry State Park on the 7th of
I wish that I went Sunday,even sleeping in after the trip to the coast with
Kathy Andrich on Saturday,I had enough time to driving over to Windust at
noon.But I fooled around,decided to leave at 2.00 AM in the morning to get
there around 8.00 AM.My thinking did not paid off this time.I had time in
the morning to stop at Washtucna.The tree next to Patrick's bench was full
THE CREEK).YOUNG ROBINS(still had there spots on the breast) and least 3
RUBY CROWNED KINGLET'S,on the tall tree on the abounded house a OLIVE-SIDED
FLYCATCHER, and close by the swimming pool was a TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE.I had
to leave to Windust get going for the RARE VARIEGATED FLYCATCHER.As I trying
to get in my car I saw a small bird flying to the ground on the creek,but
the bird flew back as I approached my car,it was a female AMERICAN
REDSTART.(This is the place where me and Patrick had this species several
times,and mostly in the morning.
Off to Windust,by now it was close to 9.00 AM .No one was on the road ,on WA
263 to Windust I SAW 14 Chukar (this was real great I had a good start I
was thinking.But again it turned out that NO ONE SAW THE FLYCATCHER ( some
of the birders been there before 7.00 AM.First birder I SAW WAS CHARLIE
WRIGHT who was looking the trees over in the entree of Windust.I spoke to
him briefly and also congratulate him for ID this bird correctly I was
greeted by so many birders who knowing me and Patrick from birding that area
for the last few years.
I like to take the opportunity now TO CONGRATULATE MIKE & MERRY LYNN DENNY
for such RARE BIRD from South America to end up in such isolated area as
Windust.This is about as Rare you can find in a bird such as this.
I not mention so many birds similar than Eugene Hunn had (So many
White-crowned Sparrows I did not see in a long time)I made a walk to the
house and talked to the owner,he mention that this Flycatcher on the past
evening was feeding vigorously,that is usual the case that this bird was
ready to leave soon.
Some birders where leaving to but there are always few and have hope for a
miracle.But few birders went to Washtucna after I told how many birds I had
in such short time.It was Doug Schonewald who spotted the Tennessee Warbler
crawling around the base of the huge tree on the end of the creek
CONGRATULATION TO DOUG alerting the small group as Greg Thompson and Jay
Withgott.We all saw this bird in good light where Gregg took some fantastic
photos with his big camera.We also had 1 Blue-headed Vireo,this birds was
staying manly in the same tree.The Tenessee went later in to the creek,some
of the birds I saw earlier in the morning still where present than.Later
before leaving I walked up to the hill where I spotted 14 Wild Turkeys.On my
way home on WA 26 I saw 3 BURROWING OWLS on mile post 47.
It was a short trip with good birds and good company.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

big tree around the base on the end of the creek

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