[Tweeters] SE WA migrants

Jeffrey Bryant jbryant_68 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 13:55:30 PDT 2008

Just returning from three wonderful days in SE Washington, where it was nice to meet or re-meet some of the folks whose postings I often eat up on tweeters!  Was logging in mainly to report the Magnolia Warbler I saw at Bassett Park yesterday morning, but am glad to see someone armed with a camera found it, too.  Saw it twice, both times in the same elm branch almost directly above Patrick's bench.
Otherwise, previous reports cover most of what I saw, with the exception of an American Redstart at Palouse Falls (in the cottonwoods behind the caretaker's trailer) and the most owls I've ever had in three days without owling!   Great Horned en route to Windust, a screeching Barn Owl upon arrival at Windust, and Long-eared and Western Screech- in and near the campground at Lyon's Ferry.
On the way home this morning, I decided to look for  Sage Thrasher at the westernmost entrance to Quilomene Wildlife Area along the old Vantage highway, which is usually good for a family or two in season.  They must be staging there for the southward haul, as I was pleasantly surprised by at least TWENTY-TWO of them between the parking area and the little watering tanks.  A few quiet Sage Sparrows remain at the more easterly entrance, where a Poorwill briefly sang last night.
MaryFrances and Phyllis, I hope you got your vireo.  If not, well, your Blackpoll didn't show for me, either!
Ain't fall grand?
Jeff Bryant

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