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I know many of you are raptor lovers, so I am forwarding this note for
your interest. I left Alaska a year ago and am now living in Mexico,
so I unfortunately I won't be seeing this bird. BTW, I also enjoyed
the Variegated flycatcher vicariously.

Georgia Conti
Patzcuaro, Mexico

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Hey all, thought I'd pass word on again...

This morning, while walking around the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory
area North of Barrow, Alaska, my co-worker and I flushed an apparent
adult Swainson's Hawk from the telephone poles. It landed just behind
our sleeping quarters at the "NARL Hotel" (for researchers), allowing
for some half-way decent photos (well, better than the ones taken of
2006 fly-by bird which Chris Tremblay and I saw).

I had heard this bird was in the area earlier in the season, but
certainly didn't expect to see it. Could this bird be the same bird as
the one I saw in 2006? If this is an adult, could be. If this is
actually a 1st year bird well into adult plumage, probably not. I
haven't taken the time to research the molt timing, yet. We just saw
this bird at 8:30am today.

Here are my pics for now. My co-worker (Fred Channell) has some
better shots plus an in-flight shot, showing the dark flight feathers.
can probably get those if needed. I also have three short video clips
the bird, which I can post if you want.


What are the chances!? 2006 and 2008. Cool!

Feel free to forward the sighting information to pertinent lists or

Hope you all have already had a chance to get up there and see it.
Fairly cooperative bird, but mildly skittish. Doesn't flush too far
if spooked. Lots of Polar Bears coming ashore, so be wary. Oh, also saw
6 female Stellar's Eiders in a small lake behind and just North of the

We're now in Anchorage and waiting for our flight to Chicago to start
boarding in another 45 minutes. Heading back home to Ithaca by tomorrow

Good luck and good birding!

Chris T-H

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