[Tweeters] Images from Marymoor Today (Thursday)

johntubbs at comcast.net johntubbs at comcast.net
Thu Sep 11 22:42:42 PDT 2008

Hi Everyone,

Following are links to a few of the birds seen on Michael Hobbs' weekly walk this morning at Marymoor. As his report indicated, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and the birds were cooperative.

This BALD EAGLE was perched directly over the eastern cottonwood forest loop of the birding trail.


We had two good looks at a GREEN HERON in flight. This image shows the second fly-by as the bird was heading upriver through the dog area.


The two images at the following link (click the link, then click NEXT to see the second image) show a particularly vocal Bewick's Wren perched out in the open and singing his syrinx out. It isn't exactly peak singing season, obviously, but this bird was belting it out for a good five or ten minutes and didn't seem to mind all of us staring at him as we walked by.


John Tubbs
Snoqualmie, WA
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