[Tweeters] Seeking Costa Rica info

Josh Hayes josh at blarg.net
Sat Sep 13 11:29:43 PDT 2008

Hi tweets,

We're considering trying to do a trip to Costa Rica in December, or late
November. We'd be travelling with two kids (11 and 8), and while we're all
interested in birding, this isn't intended primarily to be a birding trip.
Our anticipated stay is in the 10-12 day range, but that could grow by a day
or two.

So we're looking for one or two good lodging locations which provide easy
(preferably on foot) access to moderately interesting habitat, which would
be suitable for a family of tenderfeet. Tenderfoots? Unseasoned travelers,
at any rate.

Any info gratefully received. Perhaps it would be best to email me directly
and I can summarize for the list, or if you prefer, just send your
suggestions to the list as a whole. Thanks for your help!

There is great chaos under heaven, and the situation is excellent. - Mao-Tse

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