[Tweeters] Llama Lake and Environs

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My wife spotted a raptor, and thought it might be a goshawk, but couldn't make an id. What does a light morph redtail look like, and might it look like a goshawk? My wife said it was very gray.

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did a quick look-see to check out what might still be around as Llama Lake becomes Llama Puddle...  on the main pond, there were a number of Killdeer along the lowering edge and a few female mallards.  while watching them, a great blue heron showed up (i was explaining to locals what was here, what wasn't when this started), and a few minutes later, a beautiful light-morph red-tail hawk flew through...
seen before anything else on the northern-most retention pond, there was an american coot and a hint of winter:  a female bad-hair-day (common merganser) floating and preening...
00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

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