[Tweeters] Franklin's Gull at Carkeek Park Seattle

Jesse Ellis jme29 at cornell.edu
Sun Sep 14 11:01:36 PDT 2008

Good morning tweeters-

I went to Carkeek Park in northern Seattle this morning and was happy
to find a juvenile Franklin's Gull among about 165 Bonaparte's Gulls.
In the mix were also my first 2 Heerman's Gulls of the season. The
bird was on the spit of beach, visible from the parking lot and from
the footbridge over the railroad. however as the morning wore on the
birds were moved south by people and dogs. I lost track of it when
they were all on a small beach south of the main spit, at about
10:30am. The gulls were not that skittish, though, so I expect that
it is still there and could be found by scoping from the spit itself.

I do not have photos, unfortunately. The bird is at the tail end of
juvenile plumage, though. The mantle is quite brownish and it has a
noticeable half-hood, so it stands out from the Bonies (none of which
retained hoods at this point). Eye-crescents ruled out most species.
I ruled out Laughing Gull by size (the bird is not much bigger than
the Bonies, maybe a touch heftier) and the tail and underwing
patterns, and bill shape.

If anyone has questions, please let me know - I've included a link to
Carkeek on Google. To find the birds drive into Carkeek on Piper
Canyon Road until you can park overlooking the water. Check for the
gulls, and if you can't see them they may be south down the beach, so
head over the footbridge over the RR tracks and look to the south.

Good luck!

Jesse Ellis

Jesse Ellis, Ph. D.
Neurobiology and Behavior
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