[Tweeters] BLACKPOLL WARBLER at Wanapum Park

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sun Sep 14 21:32:05 PDT 2008

Hello Tweeters,
I spend the last three days in Eastern Washington,And left today Sunday at
11,00AM to doing some birding around Vantage.The Campsite was quite full ,so
I went to the Recreation way in the back where the public swimming area
is.Patrick and I birdied there before,and this is also a Migrant Trap.The
way it looked there also where quite few people,I went to the left area who
had less people.I was astonished despite all the action going on,there where
a big movement of Warblers and White -crowned Sparrows.The trees close to
the water are not so high,so seeing this birds was much easier than in
Washtucna,There was many the same species Yellow-rumped Warblers
Ruby-crowned mixed in and Wilson's ,this is about the same what I already
saw,.but moving a bit to the right ,I spotted a bird what looked
different,I Know I saw this bird before some place,but could not where.So I
run to the car got my birdbook out and my camera.This Warbler was still
around ,I looked to the birdbook,and there it was ,I HAD A BLACKPOLL
WARBLER.!!!!Doing all this the bird moved away so I pursuit to look, trying
to find this bird back,but looking to all the trees,I could not found this
bird back.It too almost an hour,and I spotted the bird close to the beach in
an Aspen tree,I tried for the photo but with all the leaves I was unable to
get a photo.This bird seems to know that I pursue, it seems that he moved
more than when I saw the bird first in the smaller trees.He moved to the
shorter vegetation where it was impossible to going in.There I scared all
the many White-crowned Sparrows up moving an running all over the place. I
saw this Warbler with Patrick and Gina on Sprague Lake on September 13th
06.Patrick took excellent photos than.I will write my other report up
tomorrow.I this returned home.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan
It was A GREAT DAY today

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