[Tweeters] The Owl and the Woodpecker, and remembering Patrick Sullivan

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Sun Sep 14 23:17:04 PDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
I have had the chance to finally start reading this wonderful book. I am quite surprised at how well written it is. Paul Bannick is truly not only a gifted photographer, but captivating in his sharing the wealth of what he has learned about the birds he photographs. He is a natural born writer as well.

His wealth of knowledge has brought forefront to my mind just what we have lost with the death of Patrick, which will be a year Sept 19th. How I wish I had kept every Tweeters report that Patrick had submitted to us over the years. I think it would make a wonderful collection, and treasured by many.

Paul writes with a great deal of enthusiasm, wanting to get out as much information as possible about his birds, and experiences. He writes in a way we can all relate to, just how you get bit with that infectious love for birds, and the need to relay the importance of protecting the habitats of birds we all love and admire. He has a well rounded mix of flowing from one bird to the next, and you see how finely tuned the nature of these two bird species are intertwined with one another, not to mention other species along the way. You see easily why he had to write about not just one species, but both. It is truly a great read.

This is the same passion that Patrick shared with all of us, in his short life. And generous as he was, sharing all the information that he could about all that he so well knew.
As I continue this book, I will continue to think about, and sadly, appreciate all that Patrick gave to us.
How much he is missed!

And thanks to Paul for such inspirational writing. I cannot wait to find out what your next book will be.
And I hope Martyn Stewart will again provide the wonderful bird songs and calls, as he did with this great book.
BTY, you can go to Paul Bannicks website to order the book if you have not done so, he will mail you an autographed copy, it may be worth a lot of money someday!!!


With all Sincerity,

Vicki Biltz
Bonney Lake Wa
vickibiltz at comcast.net

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