[Tweeters] Lost bird in Magnolia - green Macaw

Drobny, Franny FDrobny at williamskastner.com
Mon Sep 15 15:52:05 PDT 2008

Hello Tweets:

Lost September 10 around 6:15 pm, Kipp, a 5 month old Hans Macaw. Kipp
is cockatiel size about 12 inches long. If found outside she will need
water first and then food right away. Please notify: Jennifer Hessel
and Jack Trachtman at home 206-285-0324 or cell 206-979-4295 or
206-354-8517. Kipp does not have an identification band. She has a
microchip and can be identified at any vet of animal shelter. The bird
looks like a 12-inch green parrot-like bird (but obviously, not a
parrot). She is mostly dark green, with white eye patches and red color
under her wings. Very dark at forehead.

Thought someone birding Magnolia might come across it, and I was trying
to help the owner.

Franny Drobny
Seattle, Washington
fdrobny at williamskastner.com

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