[Tweeters] Fw: Help Put Palin's Wolf-Killing Record on TV

Michael Brown borealis at seanet.com
Mon Sep 15 18:40:11 PDT 2008

Thank you Brendan. As they say in Australia, "Too right!"

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 14:48:22 -0700, Brendan McGarry wrote

> Regardless of if it is or isn't allowed - I think that this is important.  Regardless of political views, wolf killing (and any other predator as well) is a big problem, especially when the people doing so have no concept of ecology.  This sort of mentality towards predatory species can have the whole world crashing down around us (a bit dramatic but probably not too far off).  Being PC (especially on "neutral" listservs) sometimes irks me because I feel like it's an excuse to pretend that problems don't exist and a way to hide from realities of our natural world.  It wouldn't matter who was supporting this sort of killing to me, democrat or republican, private interest or government.  Yes, it comes at a time when politics are very charged but I still stand that is an important issue and I hardly think this is a barrage of political propaganda.  Sorry, I know this will probably snowball but of all the things I see on tweeters, I feel the need to comment on this.  Thanks Rut



> Also - didn't someone post a piece of writing from Ken Kaufman about ANWAR which was fairly leftist in it's leanings?  I suppose that was merely a link but still.   


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> > I am not sure of all the rules regarding this mailing list, but I certainly do

> > not appreciate political solicitions of any kind coming to me via such a list.

> > If this is standard practice, I have certainly not seen this is the years I

> > have subscribed, please let me know and I can act accordingly.

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