[Tweeters] ADMIN : Partisan politics

Hal Opperman hal at catharus.net
Mon Sep 15 20:47:25 PDT 2008

Every few months we seem to need a reminder about Tweeters posting
guidelines. Please go here for a refresher:


The guidelines are much more about what Tweeters does do rather than what it
does not; hence many inappropriate topics are not spelled out. But still, we
need to exercise collective common sense. Postings on conservation topics
are welcome. However, those that take provocative stances -- such as by
linking to partisan political websites -- should be avoided, as they all too
often awaken strongly held personal opinions that may lead to incendiary

Concerned about the fate of the gray wolf? Fine, as long as postings remain
both informational and occasional. Although Tweeters is mostly a list about
birds and birding, nonetheless there is ample room for broader discussion of
the natural world and its inhabitants. But not of partisan politics, an
altogether different kind of beast.

Hal Opperman (pinch-hitting for vacationing listowner Dan Victor who will be
back at the helm in a few days)
tweeters-owner at mailman2.u.washington.edu

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