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Mon Sep 15 19:55:04 PDT 2008

Hi Tweeters,

I headed out to Damon Point at Ocean Shores this morning. I had not been there since last winter and didn't know what to expect. While the little parking lot is gone, the bathroom (happily) is still there. More importantly, access was quite easy, unlike the last time that I was there. There were several COMMON LOONS out on the water, a couple of which were calling every now and then, which has to be one of my favorite bird calls. There was also 1 RED-THROATED LOON, with a touch of red still visible on its throat. I came across 2 PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVERS standing next to a chunky BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER in the vicinity of the 'pond', but closer to the western shore. Other than that, it was pretty quiet outside of the usual coastal birds. I made a quick stop at Bill's Spit (which is kind of a gross name if you think about it), but the tide was still way out and there was very little other than the usual gulls (a few desultory SEMI-PALMATED and BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS also). !
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way out, I swung by the jetty, but there were no visible birds on the rocks. As I looked out to sea, I saw a large fishing boat that had apparently run aground on some submerged rocks several hundred yards off of the jetty. It was partially submerged and while I watched, first one Coast Guard boat and then another, much smaller Coast Guard boat (at least I think they were Coast Guard) appeared on the scene. There were a lot of heat shimmers, but it was still quite dramatic. Hopefully no fuel was leaked. I then drove down to Midway Beach. Two days earlier, it was all swirling fog and gale winds; it felt like the ancient Greek land of the dead. Today it was hot and sunny. On Satruday, the pond to the right of the road where it meets the beach had 4 species of sandpipers, several phalarope, and a Wilson's Snipe. Today, it was almost completely dry. Not a single bird. There was just one sorry looking WESTERN SANDPIPER by the edge of the large pong to the left of the r!
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here were lots of SANDERLINGS by the water's edge, but no other shorebirds, including Snowy Plovers.

Good birding,

Lonnie Somer
Olympia, WA
wheelermombi at comcast.net
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