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I couldn't agree more. Environmental and wildlife issues cross party lines. National Audubon and Sierra Club both take positions on environmental issues. Those in either party who take openly anti-environmental, anti-wildlife positions are open to honest criticism, and we shouldn't use partisan sensibilities as an excuse for ignoring them..
Gene Bullock
Poulsbo WA
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Hello fellow birders,

I've been reluctant to join this thread, since discussions of this sort tend to generate more heat than light, as they say. Also I haven't wanted to get anyone mad at me -- I value this list and the friendships it supports.

Nevertheless, I want to say a bit about the issue of "political" discussions on the list. I don't think it's a cut-and-dry matter.

Example: A couple of years ago a Tweeters member posted a message of last-minute alarm about a fireworks display to be held near the Montlake Fill (Union Bay Natural Area). A number of list members (including myself) consequently attended a City of Seattle hearing, and the fireworks were halted in view of the damage that could be done to migrating bird populations. Clearly there were politics involved: a municipal board was permitting a large, private company to use a public space for a controversial activity, and through a political process the city was pressured to reverse its decision. The outcome was hailed by Tweeters members and I don't recall anyone objecting to the use of the list to do political organizing.

Now we have a situation potentially impacting the environment on a much wider scale than a local fireworks display: a candidate for vice president whose positions are diametrically opposed to protecting wildlife and the environment. Should this not be of concern to bird lovers?

I am not sure of the best way to have this discussion. Certainly we should all be respectful and not attack anyone for their views or party affiliations. But this discussion, however uncomfortable, is still appropriate for our list. This includes questions of whether vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's anti-environment beliefs and practices are being sufficiently disclosed to voters.

Marc Hoffman
Kirkland, WA
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