[Tweeters] ADMIN : time to drop the "political" thread

Hal Opperman hal at catharus.net
Tue Sep 16 19:57:43 PDT 2008

The administrative reminder posted 24 hours ago does not seem to have had
the desired effect. So, let's take the direct approach and flat-out state
that it's time to drop the discussion of the appropriateness of political
topics on Tweeters.

Please read the section on ADMINISTERING THE GUIDELINES, excerpted below:

"If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of a proposed posting, please
contact the listowner. If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of a
posting which has already appeared on the list, PLEASE do not post a public
comment or question about it, but PLEASE do send a message to the listowner.
In most cases the listowner will have already privately contacted the sender
of a questionable message, and in ALL cases it is neither necessary nor
desirable to start an on-list discussion about such administrative matters.
Remember, Tweeters is a forum for discussion of birds and birding, not of

"The listowner will not publicly chastise or humiliate an offending
subscriber. A private message may be sent, reminding the member of Tweeters
guidelines. If the violator continues to abuse the guidelines, the listowner
may set the subscriber to NOPOST. Serious or repeat offenders may be
banished at the listowner's discretion.

"You may contact the listowners at :
tweeters-owner at mailman2.u.washington.edu."

Let's all work together to adhere to these provisions in both letter and

Thank you for your understanding.

Hal Opperman
Acting Listowner (pinch hitting for Dan Victor)
Listowner address: tweeters-owner at mailman2.u.washington.edu
Tweeters guidelines: www.scn.org/earth/tweeters/guidelines.html

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