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Thu Sep 18 13:48:11 PDT 2008

i would tend to agree provided the nuts are NOT salted. while roasting is
probably not problematic, does anyone know about the ability of most
perching birds to handle what may be a LOT of extra salt in their diet if
fed off-the-shelf nuts? they certainly don't get their normal daily
requirement of salt in the wild from nuts, though i suppose that last
statement could be taken numerous ways...

no, i won't tell you if you didn't already notice (grin)

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 13:42, Eddie Mundall <eddiem374 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This may be slightly off-topic, but it was brought up...

> People often think that roasted nuts are much worse than raw nuts.

> However, the research thus far fails to prove this. Roasting nuts may

> destroy some of the nutrients, but it certainly does not destroy them all.

> In the Adventist Health Study, researchers have found that people who eat 5

> servings of nuts per week have roughly half the risk of heart attacks

> compared with those who eat <1 serving per week! This survey did

> not separate out nuts by raw vs. roasted (or even tree nuts vs. peanuts).

> Many of the study subjects were consuming roasted nuts, and still had more

> benefits if they ate more nuts. The wonderful nutrients (good fats and so

> on) in nuts would seemingly benefit birds as well. So, EAT NUTS, roasted or

> not, and share them with birds as well!


> By the way, I have enjoyed the wonderful experience of hand-feeding Gray

> Jays myself at Crater Lake NP, in deep snow - a fabulous connection with

> nature!


> Edwin Mundall, MD

> Yreka, CA




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