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Hi, all,

I, too, have chucked fruit remains out the window in rural areas with
few witnesses. Being a fan of native plants (and the birds and other
wildlife they support), though, I don't throw apple cores and such out
in places where the seeds can survive and grow, as in western WA. The
possibility of luring wildlife within striking range of cars has also
much reduced this former habit.

As for cheeky corvids, I agree foods that can be cached are probably
superior to those that won't hold up to weather. My own anecdotal
evidence about feeding: when I was a ranger at Mt. Rainier (three
summers), I several times saw Gray Jays at Tipsoo Lake's picnic area --
where tourists feed Gray Jays constantly -- escorting young of the year
with obviously deformed legs and feet. Of course, many less obvious
impacts would escape notice.

A hand-acclimated Clark's Nutcracker probably made me a birder. An
encounter at Rocky Mountain N. P. led my parents to buy their first
field guide when I was a child.


Alan Grenon
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