[Tweeters] Feeding Gray Jays/ Band tail pigeons

Darlene Sybert drsybert at northtown.org
Fri Sep 19 00:31:47 PDT 2008

Besides the potential danger of teaching Jays that people are nut trees
(and thus provoking the peanut butter sandwich type of attack), there is
the potential for danger TO the Jays from people with less benevolent
intentions--less benevolent even than feeding them things that are not
even good for humans. Why is it that we always think those signs (such
as, do not feed the wildlife) are for other people to follow? Surely,
if it were okay to feed the birds (and chipmunks), the signs would say,
do not feed any wildlife except birds and chipmunks. Just a thought...

This week for the first time, I've had Band-tailed Pigeons at my
sunflower feeders--two of them at least. And, I, too, have a Flicker(s)
that pecks at the metal stove pipe on my roof.

Darlene Sybert

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