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Gary or Diana Cummins casacummins at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 13:26:59 PDT 2008

I was Deputy Superintendent at Grand Canyon National Park for four years ­
the best job I ever had with one of the side-benefits being watching Ravens
working hard to outsmart everything and everyone in their domain. We then
had a female Siberian husky, Tasha, who kept a close watch on her stash of
bones in our fenced yard in the park. The ravens would spot a good one then
go into their routine with one landing in the yard away from the bone and
acting distressed, hopping slowly and seemingly ignoring Tasha. Tasha
(gorgeous, but not terribly bright) would go into her wolf-like stalking
mode, moving close to the ground and using trees as cover. Just as she was
ready to pounce, the actor-Raven would fly away and the partner would swoop
in and pick up the bone then drop it just outside the fence where he/she
would be joined by the partner. Both of them took their time picking on the
bone while Tasha fruitlessly barked, howled, and threw herself against the
fence, inches away from the two thieves who acted as if she wasn¹t even
there. It was great theater even if you knew how it would end beforehand.

Gary Cummins
Port Townsend
casacummins at yahoo.com
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