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Sat Sep 20 20:05:02 PDT 2008

Greetings All

Today Charlie Wright and I birded from the Sentinel Bluffs area to Othello to Potholes Res. The wind was a constant companion, and passerine birding was generally pretty tough. We did have 5 Eurasian Collared-Doves just e. of Mattawa, and in the nearby fields, about 700 White crowned Sparrows and 100 Savannah Sparrows.

The highlight of the day was a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Lind Coulee. It was towards the back, flew across the narrowest part of the coulee and then was kind enough to perch up in some exposed branches allowing for prolonged scope views.

Other highlights
40 Forster's Terns, including many fresh juvs still being fed: Potholes SP
5-10 Common Terns at Potholes SP
1 very cooperative Parasitic Jaeger (darkish imm) at Potholes SP
2 late Lark Sparrows at Lind Coulee
2 pugetensis WC Sparrows in Othello
30+ Tricolored Blackbirds in traditional spot heading n out of Othello by ponds
41 Sanderlings at Potholes SP
2 Semi Sands at Perch Pt
1 Semi Sand at Lind Coulee
1 cinn.SolitarySandpiper at Othello
~50 Pecs and Bairds each, Othello and Potholes sites combined
BB Plover at Lind Coulee
2 Semi Plover at Lind Coulee
1 Semi Plover at Perch Pt

Steven Mlodinow
Everett WA
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