[Tweeters] Am. Pipits and 1st Cackling Geese (Kent)

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 19:38:05 PDT 2008

Hi Tweeters,

The big flock of geese that I have seen in the horse pasture on 212th (the road Orillia Rd turns into) has been out of sight for a short while so on a hunch I turned down S 200th St off of Orillia, (left at first light, halfway down the hill). The field has been recently plowed and I found a smallish flock of about 25 geese, most of which where Cackling Geese. We did have a fly over of 4 geese at the census yesterday, but the two smaller geese did not have small enough bills for cacklers but did have a different voice. These may have arrived overnight. They are the first of the year for me. In this feild were roughly 100 American Pipits

Roosting in Kent, near Lake Meridian
(chukarbird at yahoo dot com)
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