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Oops, I tried sending this not realizing it had an attachment. Here's the
text without the graphics. After talking with Richard this is purely
educational, subsidized and not to recruit members or donations. If you
find out otherwise please let me know.

Randy Hill


President at WOS dot org for 7 more daiz

The Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program is Again Developing its
Next Bird Calendar for Louisiana

Again this year, the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program is
developing the next Louisiana bird calendar to be distributed to birders for
free. The 2009 calendar will focus on warblers presenting information on
those species that nest across the state, information about migration, what
warblers eat, warbler conservation, and of course - beautiful photographs of
some of our most colorful friends.

Did you know that Louisiana's geographic position along major migratory
pathways makes it an important stopover for transient warblers; that
Louisiana's vast expanse of marsh, swamp, and bottomland hardwoods makes
this area important to a number of nesting species of warblers; that
thousands upon thousands of warblers considered temperate migrants spend
their winter months here in Louisiana. They all depend on the productive
habitats of Louisiana where they feed, rest, and in some cases nest.

However, these wetlands that sustain our unique culture and this tremendous
productivity are in trouble. Since the early 1900's, too much of
Louisiana's coast has been lost to a variety of factors.

To increase awareness and appreciation for Louisiana's natural habitats, we
are developing again this year a calendar to be distributed to interested
birders for free. This calendar is designed to promote awareness of
Louisiana's land loss crisis - to educate people about the connection
between that landscape and the migratory birds that use them.

To obtain a copy of this calendar for free, email us at richard at btnep.org
and provide us with your name and address. In the past we have partnered
with the American Birding Association to distribute the calendar to members
of ABA, however this year we are working with individual ornithological
societies, so ABA members are not guaranteed a copy of the calendar for
2009. So contact us directly. Don't put it off. Contact us now to ensure
that you receive a copy of the 09 calendar.

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