[Tweeters] Band-tailed Pigeons On My Head

Craig Kerns cekerns at eskimo.com
Tue Sep 23 23:07:58 PDT 2008

I was sitting out in a chair by the little pond I have in my back yard
this afternoon thinking I might be able to get a few pictures. A group
of about twenty band-tailed pigeons showed up and spent about twenty
minutes flying around the yard, checking out the birdbaths, and the
pond. Usually when I go out into the yard the band-tails scatter
quickly, but I guess since I was already there and remained still they
thought of me as part of the scenery when they arrived.

Three times I had one of them land on my head. The first couple of
times he stayed for about thirty seconds, the last time only a few
seconds since he was having trouble getting a grip I guess.

I did take a few pictures while they were there. If you click on "Last
Uploads" here...


you'll see two of them. The picture where the pigeon is taking a drink
of water was taken while I had another one standing on top of my head.
Craig Kerns
Lake Forest Park, WA
cekerns at eskimo.com

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