[Tweeters] Bennington Lake and more

Mike and MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Wed Sep 24 14:22:40 PDT 2008

Hello birders,
Nothing rare to report - walked Bennington Lake yesterday and found:
a few ducks - mostly wigeon and pintails
one Western Grebe
one Osprey
two Coots
one Greater Yellowlegs
one Lesser Yellowlegs
one Kingfisher
forty Vaux's Swifts
one Barn Swallow - flying over with swifts
several flyover Pipits
two flyover Horned Larks
one Orange-crowned Warbler
one bright male Yellow Warbler
several Y-rumps
two MacGillivray's Warblers - actually sat still enough for great looks!
one Yellowthroat
tow House Wrens
a couple Lincoln's Sparrows
lots of WC Sparrows
one Junco - yes just one!
a few RW Blackbirds
lots of finches at the sunflower patches
and of course the resident Bewick's Wrens, BCChickadees, Downy Woodpeckers,
Mourning Doves, etc.

On Sept. 21 Mike and I birded the west to north end of Walla Walla Co.
Swainson's Hawks - 5 on Detour road
Savannah and White-crowned Sparrows - hundreds - Detour Rd.
Vesper Sparrow - one on Detour rd.
Great Egret - 2 trying to fly in the wind at the WWRdelta
Delta was full of hunters and blowing 40 mph. Barn and Tree Swallows going
Greater White-fronted Geese - 1200 east of Burbank off Hwy 124
At MP300 ponds:
Red-necked Phalarope - 11
Long-billed Dowitcher - 9
Black-necked Stilt - 1
Greater Yellowlegs - 1
Common Goldeneye - 2 - first of fall

At Charbonneau Park:
Y-rumps - 10+
Wilson's Warbler - 1
MacGillivray's Warbler - 1
Orange-crowned Warbler - 2
Townsend's Solitaire - 1
Chipping Sparrow - 6
WC Sparrows - 15+
Drove Eureka rd north to Wooden Road snake river fishing access - looking
for Loggerhead Shrike which we still don't have for the year in WW Co.:
Red-naped Sapsucker - 1
Hammond's Flycatcher - 1
Rock Wren - 2 in dirt cut banks between burned fields

Swainson's Thrush
Fox Sparrow
Lincoln's Sparrow - 4

Lyon's Ferry Park - is closed for the season.
Met Steve Pink and walked in and found:
Hermit Thrush - 3
Lincoln's Sparrow - 4
Wild Turkey - 8
Hammond's Flycatcher - 2
Marsh Wren - 1
Hairy Woodpecker - 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch - 2
Osprey - 1
Cedar Waxwing - 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk - 3
Orange-crowned Warbler - 4
lots of Y-rumps, robins, WC Sparrows, kinglets

And last but not least - we still have Rufous and one BC Hummingbird in our
yard - and a Western Tanager eating grapes.

Happy fall birding, MerryLynn

Mike and MerryLynn Denny
Birding the beautiful Walla Walla Valley

If you have not birded, you have not lived

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