[Tweeters] Coopers hawk snags a wood duck

Bob Kothenbeutel viper.bob at verizon.net
Fri Sep 26 10:47:22 PDT 2008

I was taking a bucket of feed to the ducks this foggy morning when I noticed
a largish bird on the ground in the pasture. As I walked closer I identified
it as a juvenile COOPERS HAWK. I got within 30 feet of him and he tried to
drag the duck along the ground away from me but gave up and flew into the
tree above me. I identified his victim as a juvenile wood duck drake.
Seizing the opportunity I moved the duck to a more favorable location and
set up my blind, all the while the hawk was watching me. I crawled in with
my gear and waited for him to return to his meal - which he did very
shortly. I photographed him as he ripped the feathers off and ate for at
least 45 minutes. I could see his crop starting to bulge. Two crows were
waiting in the wings to get whatever he left behind. By the time he finished
eating the duck was half gone which allowed him to get airborne with it and
he carried it off. Too bad for the crows!

My wood ducks best beware now for he has discovered a food source for the

I will be processing some of the 150 images I took and putting them on my
website later. www.photos.rlkimages.com <http://www.photos.rlkimages.com/>

Bob Kothenbeutel


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