[Tweeters] Water-skiing/Wake-boarding at Green Lake (long, but vital)

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Admirable. Thank you. Two little things: the use of 'Greenlake' will betray to Parks Board members that you are not a local. I suggest anyone writing a (much needed) letter to the Parks Board uses the correct spelling: Green Lake. Second, bad and disruptive as the events are, it's wake-boarding, nothing as reprehensible as water-boarding.

Seriously, though, in the past month I have written the Park Board twice about the issue. During the 20 years I lived near Green Lake I complained about the destruction of Pied-billed Grebes' nests regularly. Technically it violates City Ordinances (prohibiting the harassment of any form of wildlife), State laws on illegal 'take' of wildlife, and International treaties on the protection of migrating birds. On a more emotional level it's hard to watch birds frantically trying to repair their nest with eggs while power-boat-generated waves incessantly swamp their nest, all to no avail. These waves are nothing like normal wind-generated waves (neither in size or direction and frequency), despite what the visiting ski club members say.

Usually my complaints were followed by a few years of attention (prior to an event I would get a call from the Lake Sammamish Ski Club that they were directed by Parks Department Special Events staff to consult with me about placement of the course to avoid nest damage), but eventually that goes by the wayside and as a result some more nests are swamped, after which I would complain....etc. ec.

It has become quite evident that the Ski Club, despite their best of intentions (as they will vociferously attest to when called to task), cannot be trusted to pay attention to their impact on wildlife. In my most recent message to the Board I pointed to the Ski Club's lack of stewardship and missed opportunities to educate the youngsters they so vehemently claim to be concerned about (any adult-supervised activity is seen as a good thing). In that same message I introduced the Board members (through photographs) to the grebes (carrying young on their back, adjusting eggs on their floating nests, and a picture I took a few years ago of eggs and nest remnants floating in the Lake after a ski event, when wakes destroyed the nest).

Again, any letter writing will be helpful. As John (and Marc) state, messages to the Board can be sent in till October 8.

sandy.brooks at seattle.gov<mailto:sandy.brooks at seattle.gov>

Thanks for your help.

Martin Muller, Seattle
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Thanks for alerting me to this. I've forward your email to Greenlake friends of mine, with a synopsis and sample email to make it easier for folks to grasp the issue and take action. Tweets, please feel free to use this in any way you like.

Marc Hoffman
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Dear ...,

I'm sending this message to you because you live by Greenlake. I'm hoping you'll take a minute to write a short email to the Seattle Parks Board to protect birds on Greenlake from nest-damaging water-ski shows. The Board has heard primarily from a well-organized group that advocates for these shows, and needs to hear more pro-environment opinions.

The Parks Board is soliciting written comments on this matter, before forwarding their recommendation to the Parks Superintendent at their next meeting, October 9th.

I'm hoping you'll send a brief (or lengthy!) email in the next few days, mentioning that you are a Greenlake resident (please include your address), and that you oppose the use of the lake for waterskiing activities. Emails should be addressed to: Sandy.Brooks at Seattle.gov

Below is a sample letter that you're welcome to use, followed by a lengthy post to a regional birding listserv that explains the issue in greater detail.

Thanks, and I hope you've had a good summer.


============= Sample Email =====================

TO: Sandy.Brooks at Seattle.gov

Dear Seattle Parks Board,

I am a resident of the Greenlake neighborhood and I oppose the permitting of any waterski events on Greenlake. There is direct evidence that such activity has destroyed the nests of Pied-Billed Grebes in the springtime and disrupts other wildlife any time of year. It also disrupts the tranquility of the lake, which is used by many as a peaceful retreat from noisy city life.

Please do not permit any water-skiing- or water-boarding-related events at Greenlake.


Mary Doe
1234 Peaceful Lane (Greenlake)
Seattle, WA


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