[Tweeters] Great birds overseas...i.e., Kitsap

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 28 22:03:09 PDT 2008

Hi all,
Delia and I left Seattle on Saturday afternoon and missed the ferry, then spent the next 45 minutes at the dock compiling this list:
1.      Rock Dove
2.      House Sparrow
3.      European Starling
4.      American Crow
5.      Glaucous-winged Gull
It looked like it might be a long trip.
However, on the ride over we were delighted to see some Mother Carey’s Chickens:
6. Red Necked Phalarope  (about 6) but not much else
Then we met up with Bainbridge resident Mary Anne Rossing and birded in some areas on south Bainbridge that can be lovely even when not bathed in late September evening light:
7.      Steller’s Jay
8.      Red-breasted Sapsucker
9.      Townsend’s Warbler
10.  Belted Kingfisher
11.  Mallard
12.  American Wigeon
13.  Hooded Merganser
14.  Purple Finch
15.  Killdeer
16.  Spotted Sandpiper
17.  White-crowned Sparrow
18.  Golden-crowned Sparrow
19.  Song Sparrow
20.  Bewick’s Wren
21.  Spotted Towhee
22.  Red-breasted Nuthatch
23.  Double-crested Cormorant
24.  Great Blue Heron
25.  Black-capped Chickadee
26.  Chestnut-backed Chickadee
27.  House Finch
28.  American Robin
29.  Northern Flicker
30.  Winter Wren
Then this morning we headed up to a park mid-Bainbridge, Battle Point I think, and added
31.  Osprey  There was at least one young in the nest, maybe two, & Mary Anne believed they fledged a family there in July. Are they double-clutching?
32.  Dark-eyed Junco
33.  Pied-billed Grebe (one)
34.  Yellow-rumped Warbler  we ran into a lot more later
35.  Cedar Waxwing
36.  Winter Wren
I also thought I heard a singing Ruby-crowned Kinglet  which would have been the first of fall for me but it ducked away too quickly to be sure.
Then on the way to Point No Point
37.  Horned Grebe
38.  White-winged Scoter
39.  Surf Scoter (decent sized flock)
40.  Common Raven
At Point No Point
41.   Bonaparte’s Gulls  a large flock working the surf and diving repeatedly, a  beautiful sight
42.  Western Scrub Jays   three birds flying in from up north somewhere maybe, because of the stiff breeze, they were all pointed directly west while moving directly south.
43.  Barn Swallows   maybe 5
44.  Savannah Sparrow
45.  Northern Harrier
46.  Turkey Vulture  one bird only
47.  Heerman’s Gull
Then we drove a minute or so to Hansville, where we had a fantastic lunch at the Hansville Grocery.
In Hansville at the park south of the grocery we saw
48.  Dunlin less than 10
49.  Short-billed Dowitcher
50.  Black-bellied Plover  We counted 127 but surely missed some
51.  Sanderling  maybe 50
52.  Pacific Golden Plover  2  None of us has much prior experience identifying these
53.  Bald Eagle  This Hansville BE couple seemed to be getting serious about play.  First they played drop the stick, and appeared in one case to drop it on an adult Red-tailed Hawk which immediately evacuated the area.  They dropped at least 2 sticks, we couldn’t see what the game, or deal was.  Then they started flying fast out over the salt water to a point off shore where they apparently caught a huge updraft and were vaulted upward, flew back to shore, and both did it again.
54.  Red-tailed Hawk
55.  Pelagic Cormorant
56.  Pigeon Guillemot
57.  Harlequin Duck
   There’s a great new Sound to Hood Canal trail now that has one end in Hansville.  We took that up to the Buck Lake area.
58.  Golden-crowned Kinglet
59.  Huttons Vireo
60.  Cooper’s Hawk 
Then we realized everybody had to get ready for tomorrow, but what a lovely day.  On the ferry back there was a Loon flying north, I couldn’t identify it.
Thanks all Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com  residential Beacon Hill, where most recent visitor to Butyl Creek was a Hermit Thrush yesterday.
PS.  It’s important that Seattleites should not feel like they have to be nearby residents of Green Lake to voice objections to the goings on there.  We who live in the south end are “under-Parked” so if we want to experience big  parks we often have to go to faraway places like Disco, Magnuson and Green Lake ( We do have the wonderful Seward Park) and we pay taxes and vote like everyone else. I urge everyone to send a letter to the Parks Dept. and end this assault on our beautiful and charismatic Pied-billed Grebes!   

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