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Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 29 08:56:16 PDT 2008


I had a very good morning yesterday, Sept. 28, just walking the yard and neighborhood for migrants; the very cool overnight low--apparently in the 30s--had birds moving around alot at first light. The utility line by-way just west of us was also just cleared of Rubus, and is now walkable; it made for a nice loop back to the yard and over a 2.5-hour period I managed 39 species. Highlights:

Calif. Quail 2 (scarce this far inland)
N. PYGMY-OWL 1 (heard twice, long overdue for yard list, very close to bird feeder in tall hemlocks)
RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD 1 (in Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) thicket at utility line edge, very late)
Empidonax, sp. 1 (brief encounter)
Bewick's Wren 7 (highest count ever, usually only a single bird in area)
Swainson's Thrush 1 (getting late)
Am. Robin 35
Am. Pipit 2 (flyover)
Yellow-rumped Warbler 12
Yellow Warbler 1 (our latest here but not real late yet)
Wilson's Warbler 1 (our 2nd latest here)
W. Tanager 1 (getting late)
GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW 1 (only our 3rd for yard)

Likely: Short-billed Dowitcher at about 8:30 am, far off but not certain, would have been new for us. Still no sign of arrival RC Kinglet here.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
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