[Tweeters] Northern Hawk Owl, seen 9/28/08 near Hart's pass

Grace and Ollie Oliver grace.ollie at verizon.net
Mon Sep 29 16:56:01 PDT 2008

Thanks to the Sept. 27 posting to Tweeters: "Northern Hawk Owl", kindly made
by Khank Tran, of the Northern Hawk Owl discovered by him and Tom Mansfield,
that same day, we got views of this bird on Sept. 28. We did an impromptu
get up early, and drive the 210 miles, from Redmond, in 5 hours to the
described location. The last 10-ish miles is uphill, on a narrow, unpaved,
sometimes less that 2 lanes wide, road. We proceeded slowly, mostly 10 to
15 Miles Per Hour, in our low ground clearance, Honda civic Hybrid, With no
problems. With a side tour to the Slate Peak parking lot. Or, you can make
this drive.

New Delorme, map 19 square 6-D

Old Delorme, map 112 square C-3 & C-4

Benchmark, map 45 square 7-E

A birders guide to Washington Page 433, 434

Tom Mansfield posted to Tweeters about this today: "Mt. Baker, Hart's Pass
(Northern Hawk Owl), and Salmon Meadows".

I saw the Owl fly in from the right, to the left side of the road, as we
were getting out of our car at the suggested .6 of the mile from the turn
off sign, indicating one mile to the Meadows Campground, from Hart's pass.
The Owl perched about 2/3rds of the way up a tree and stayed there for
20-ish minutes, then took short flights to any other of the trees. The Owl
was active, we were able to follow its flights and see where it landed.
mostly, it was visible from the road.

We met Joe, from the Bellingham area, at the Slate peak parking spot. His
report is included.

Hello Birders,

For those willing to drive, the Northern Hawk Owl at Meadows Campground was
easily seen yesterday afternoon by myself and Leigh First. We had briefly
seen the bird earlier on a tip from a birder up at Slate Peak who gave us
excellent directions (.6 miles from turnoff at Hart's Pass campground
towards Meadows). Fifteen minutes later we witnessed a remarkable
interaction between the owl and a raven perched together in a burned out
snag from a campground restroom parking lot, affording us long scope looks
of this remarkable boreal bird.

We also had 50+ migrating raptors up at Slate Peak over a four hour
observation period, along with usual suspects like Mountain Bluebirds,
American Pipits, Clark's Nutcrackers, etc.. A knockout day on all accounts.

Best birding,
Joe Mackie

Grace and Ollie Oliver

Redmond, Wa.

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