[Tweeters] Sharp-tailed Sandpiper still at Ridgefield

Mike Marsh pygowl at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 19:27:36 PDT 2008

At about 4:00pm today, Sep. 29, I found the very elusive juvie SHARP-TAILED
SANDPIPER near the SE corner of Rest Lake. It was foraging in an open area
when I spotted it, but by the time I got my scope set up it had moved into
some vegetation and was very difficult to find. No wonder well over a dozen
birders did not find it today. I saw it from a location just beyond the
only two trees that are next to the road that goes along the south side of
the lake. I marked my viewing spot with small pieces of blue surveyor's

The bird was loosely associating with two juvie PECTORAL SANDPIPERS. Two
Washington birders, Jeff and Bruce (did not catch their last names) also
observed the bird.

Good birding, Mike

Michael Marsh
Portland, OR
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