[Tweeters] Finch with foot trouble

Jamie Samans jsamans at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 09:16:12 PDT 2008

Taunya -

I've seen house finches with feet like that at my feeder too, both male and
female birds. They hang around for maybe a week at most and then seem to
stop coming back.take that as you will. I think it's avian pox, or maybe
some sort of fungus. I've never seen it on any other bird other than a
house finch, and it doesn't seem to spread very quickly.in the sense that
you don't see one bird like that and then start seeing more and more birds
like that right away. Seems pretty isolated. If you start seeing a bunch
of birds with it you might want to bring in your feeders for a couple of

-Jamie Samans

Fall City, WA


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Hi Tweeters,
I'm hoping someone knows something about what is wrong with this finch. He
visited my feed on Saturday and had serious trouble staying balanced on the
perch. I haven't seen any other birds with this issue but I'm wondering if
it is a disease I need to watch out for in other birds or if it is just some
kind of growth. I don't want to be spreading something around.

Taunya Schultz
Kent, WA
schultz_t at hotmail.com

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