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Evan Houston evanghouston at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 30 10:31:07 PDT 2008

Hi Tweeters,

I wanted to echo the thoughts posted here about Patricia. I birded with her several times on Seattle Audubon field trips, and I think we felt a special connection, being especially obsessed about birds and sharing significant others who are tolerant but not of exactly like mind.

As did many others, I also came to learn about Patricia’s disability, and I was inspired by her story of how falling in love with birds and nature helped her gain a large degree of independence.

Neil Zimmerman wrote about Patricia’s inspirational triumph 4 years ago, with her partner Alan helping her make it all the way up to Panorama Point at Mt. Rainier. I participated in a field trip led by her to the Sunrise area of Mt. Rainier just over a year ago. Her partner, Alan, was on this trip with her, but he stayed at the back of the group with some of the older participants, while she blazed ahead, unaided, at the front. One of the things that has stuck in my mind from this trip was when our trail reached a rather steep, snow-covered stretch just below Frozen Lake. Several of our participants expressed trepidation about continuing up this slippery way, but Patricia led us all successfully up, for a nice picnic lunch at the lake.

I will miss her outstanding volunteer contributions to our birding world, but I will never forget her inspirational story. My heart also goes out to her wonderful partner, Alan.

Evan Houston
Seattle, WA
evanghouston AT yahoo.com

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