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Tue Sep 30 13:38:46 PDT 2008

Hello, tweets.

I can do no more than to add my voice to those of others who have
mourned Patricia's passing, and to add my sorrow for Alan's loss. I
first met her when she and Alan took a dragonfly class from me
several summers ago. It was obvious that she was suffering from her
physical frailty, but it had no effect at all on her spunk and
spirit. She was such a gracious person that everyone around her was
happy to help her when she needed some assistance to get around. I
then got to know her better while she was in the Master Birder
program, I saw her month after month through the ups and downs of her
disability, and I was so pleased at the times when she was doing much
better. She never hesitated to try her utmost, and others have
related how successful she usually was.

Many people would have let health problems disable them psychically
as well as physically, but not Patricia. She never stopped thinking
of ways that she could be helpful and proactive, and I was
continually amazed at how much energy she brought to the Master
Birder program, her book-reading meetings, her championing and
leading of field trips for people with physical problems, and,
finally, the WOS Board.

Patricia was a good birder. But she was a great person.

Dennis Paulson
1724 NE 98 St.
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