Fwd: [Tweeters] White-winged Crossbills in Grays Harbor County!

Randy Hill hill at smwireless.net
Thu Apr 2 21:05:03 PDT 2009

As Dianna mentioned, Elaine and I had a flock of 40+ Red Crossbills at Ocean
City State Park this morning that included at least 1F and 2M White-winged
Crossbills. Both species were feeding aggressively in spruce trees until
spooked by an unseen threat.

I'd like to say this west side weather has been pretty crappy for the last 5
days, but I heard it snowed in Othello yesterday (assumed not a 4/1 joke),
so the brief periods without rain today were appreciated. We did find a few
other birds of note:

1 first year (dark eyed) Glaucous Gull at the Pacific Blvd access to the
ocean at Ocean Shores.
1 AD Glaucous Gull at the Hoquiam WTP. Also there an Osprey, 2 Barn
Swallows, and 15+ Bonaparte's Gulls.
1 Western Scrub Jay, 2 Trumpeter Swans (with 5+ Tundra Swans), 2 Eurasian
Wigeon, 8 Wilson's Snipe, 60+ Black-bellied Plovers, 1 American Kestrel, and
both Tree and Violet-green Swallow at the Brady Loop Road.

Tomorrow's weather forecast is for "better" than it has been. Hope to look
south before we head home Saturday.

Randy Hill

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Hello again, Tweets.
Randy Hill just called me, visiting the wet side, and said he found several
White-winged Crossbills in a flock of Red-winged Crossbills in Ocean City SP
just north of Ocean Shores. If you are in the area, he said they were near
the Host's camp site then headed west towards the beach.

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores, Wa.
dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com

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