[Tweeters] Calliope Hummer in Thurston Co.

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My two sightings of Calliope Hummingbirds in our yard in Seattle were
on 18 April 1993 and 18-21 May 1995.


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> Hello All,


> Yesterday evening I had a most unexpected visitor at our

> hummungbird feeder. A male Calliope was with the swarms of Rufus

> Hummers attending our feeder yesterday. This is about 3 weeks

> earlier than any previous Calliope record that I know of for the

> county, don't know about other west-side records. And by the way,

> when I said swarms, I mean there is a remarkable amount of

> hummingbird activity at our place right now with a notable increase

> occurring this past Sunday. There are at least 8 (probably more)

> Rufus and 2 to 4 Anna's jockying for position. One of the Rufus

> was a green-backed male. This amount of activity is very unusual

> for our place, where normally activity maxes out with 2 pairs of

> Rufus or so. Interestingly I noted 9 male Rufus on territory when

> I walked around Nisqually a week or two ago and thought at the time

> that was an unusual number. Has anyone else out there noticed

> unusual numbers of Rufus Hummers around? Anyway... Keep looking,

> there is just too!

> much cool stuff happening out there right now!


> Good Birding,


> Bill Shelmerdine


> Olympia

Dennis Paulson
1724 NE 98 St.
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