[Tweeters] need snow goose photo

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Wed Apr 15 19:37:49 PDT 2009

The Trumpeter Swan Society is revamping its website. The Swan ID section
is going to be much improved.
We can always use new images that are clearer. What I need most is a full
body of a snow goose, adult and juvenile (seperate or in same photo).
I also can use more behavior shots of both trumpeter and tundra swans, as
well as a full head on of a tundra swan.
Photo credits are always given. If you are willing to share, please reply

At last the vast majority of swans have left for the northern breeding
grounds. If you do see a swan, any species, still around somewhere please
let me know. We are still tracking the sick or mute swans.


Martha Jordan

"Perception is your sense of reality,
Perspective is your grip on reality."

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