[Tweeters] 4/18: Surprised by migrants: vireo, btg warbler

Paul Hicks phicks at accessgrace.org
Sat Apr 18 17:12:44 PDT 2009

Sat.AM I checked a few spots around Tenino for new arrivals. I found several
"target" species (which have probably been around a while--I've been cooped
up lately): Hermit Thrush, Cinnamon Teal, Cliff Swallow, Savannah Sparrow. I
was surprised, however, to come across a CASSIN'S VIREO and BLACK-TH GRAY
WARBLER. Around 10am I thought I heard an inkling of a single phrase of the
vireo in its "usual" spot, and fortunately I hung around long enough to hear
it 15 minutes later progressively break into full song. Meanwhile I detected
a distant but unmistakable song (local dialect) of a BTG Warbler, followed
by an encore heard with ears cupped. Both these species are earlier than
expected here. Though some of Tenino's migrants may "beat" those arriving in
the Seattle area because we are located to the south, it's a mixed bag
because being inland we lose the tempering effect of Puget Sound, and
consequently see many migrants well after they arrive at, say, Nisqually
delta or Capitol Lake, where spring foliage is also ahead of ours here. Good
--Paul Hicks / Tenino, s. Thurston Co / phicks AT accessgrace.org

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