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Is this pair of osprey on a pole or snag/tree? I remember hearing about a nest in this vicinity that was on a pole that carried the power supply to a farmer's pump and there was the threat of the nest shorting out the power and disabling the pump. I think the nest was moved but I never heard where it got moved to.

Kelly McAllister
Olympia, Washington
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Hi all,

We were up by the Wenas area today and stopped by the turn off to the campground to stretch and have a pop. We were seeing western bluebirds all day but getting a good picture of one was hard. When we stopped they would fly off before I could get the camera out the window. I got a couple not so bad pics so I was mostly happy. There was a beautiful pair right at the turn off but they also flew away. But this pair came back - over and over again. In fact we couldn't get rid of them! I don't know if they were defending their territory or what. They were in the windows, mirrors, tailgate, hood, antenna, rear window you name it. Several minutes and pictures later we decided to leave because we were afraid they would hurt themselves. Here's a couple of the better pictures I took:




Some other highlights of the day was a group of about 30 American white pelicans on the Yakima River just below Rosa Dam and a pair of wood ducks in a small pond by the boat launch / park just above Rosa dam. There is a great view of a pair of osprey just before you enter the canyon on the Ellensburg side. The great horned owl on Reecer Creek road now has some company - her two babies!

Happy birding

D. Lewis

North Bend, WA

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