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On Saturday, April 18, when it was dry and filtered sun, Mike West and I
led a field trip for Eastside Audubon to Camano Island. We ended the day
with 81 species. Highlights included an American Kestrel at Eide Rd. Using
a scope we could see Spring plumaged Black-bellied Plovers on a sandbar.
There was also a very large flock of these plovers on a sandbar seen from
English Boom. With just 2 cars, we stopped at the brackish water along Hwy
532 to look at Northern Pintail, Green-winged Teal, Greater Yellowlegs and a
dowitcher. As we approached Iverson Spit, a Western Meadowlark was teed
up on a broken branch near a canal. No rails responded to call, which was
disappointing. Golden and White-crowned Sparrows were around and 1
Orange-crowned Warbler gave a brief apperance. Surf Scoter, Western and Red-necked
Grebe, Red-throated Loon, were among some of the waterfowl scoped.
Triangle Cove was quiet so we moved on to Four Springs Lake Preserve for lunch
and a stroll through the woods. There were several Yellow-rumped Warblers in
the trees among the Ruby and Golden-crowned Kinglets. A Brown Creeper was
working on a nest as a Winter Wren sang. Two Downy Woodpeckers came in
close, chattering all the while. At Utsalady boat launch we scoped one
Pigeon Guillemot and several Common Loons. Western Grebe stretched the length
of our viewing area. More yellowlegs were seen at English Boom along with
more of the same waterfowl and a Bonaparte's Gull. Feeling good about the
birds we'd enjoyed we traveled toward home through Thomlie Rd. where we
pished up a Lincoln's Sparrow. The finale came, however, when we drove up to
several thousand Snow Geese next to Boe Rd. Shortly thereafter they took to
a noisy flight which gave us the chance to see the two Greater
White-fronted Geese and one blue-morph goose. Once the flock had re-landed we watched
as thousands of geese advanced toward us. It couldn't have been a better
ending to a delightful day. Bald Eagles were so numerous along Norman Rd.
we couldn't count them all. Several trees had 5 eagles in them and the
birds were on both sides of the river. Quite a spectacle.

Joyce Meyer
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