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There was a recent discussion on this topic on OBOL. As part of my advice, I mentioned that TSA may require tripods in checked luggage since it could be used as a weapon. That was the word going around post-9/11. Several people responded that they've been taking tripods in carry-ons with no problem, so it sounds like policies have changed in the past few years (and policies may have always varied among airports).

Even so, I'll still be putting my tripod in checked luggage. I wouldn't have room for it in my typical carry-on anyway (backpack and computer bag). I've also been surprised by the lack of reaction to all the optics I'm carrying. There's just an occasional request to swab some items for explosives. The best reaction was from an agent at the x-ray machine in Tucson. When he saw everything I had crammed into my backpack, all he said was "Nice...Very nice."

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I always check the tripod and tripod head as I encountered an incident in San Jose, CA years ago when TSA told me that I had to check it since it could be used as a weapon (wow).

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