[Tweeters] Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2009-04-21

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at verizon.net
Tue Apr 21 13:53:05 PDT 2009

Tweets - having missed Stupendous Thursday on the 16th, I decided to head
down to Marymoor this morning while the weather was still glorious.

Unfortunately, I did NOT get one of those magically birdy mornings where the
species count climbs really high. I didn't get 74 species like they got on
Thursday - only 56.

Also, I missed almost all of the unusual species they found on Thursday. SO

I had EIGHT species they didn't have Thursday:

Ring-necked Pheasant Male at Compost Piles
Cliff Swallow Several at the lake - FOS
Red-breasted Nuthatch 2 on new trail - First of 2009
Hermit Thrush 2 near 3rd dog swim beach
NASHVILLE WARBLER 1 near 3rd dog swim beach
CHIPPING SPARROW 1 east of mansion in firs
Lincoln's Sparrow 1-2 at the N end of the East Meadow
RED CROSSBILL Flock of 9 briefly in Dog Meadow

This is the earliest we've ever had Nashville at Marymoor.

Other things to mention - Tons of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS and several
ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS. Had a HAIRY WOODPECKER excavating a nest hole, and
both DARK-EYED JUNCO and PINE SISKIN with nest materials.

So, 56 for the day, 82 for the week !!!, and with several new birds for 2009
this week, we're now at 116 for the year.

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