[Tweeters] Possible injured bald eagle in Seattle water reservoir

Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 25 11:06:22 PDT 2009

Hello, all:

I passed by the reservoir at 15th Ave NE and NE 75th street this morning at
10:00. There was a bald eagle standing at the southeast end, in the shallow
water (the reservoir has been drained for cleaning). It flapped its wings
and tried to get airborne several times. I was without binoculars, so could
not assess the situation accurately, but it appears that he must have a
talon snagged in the reservoir bottom. I came by the area again at 10:30,
and he was still there.

I called the Mill Creek office of the Washington Fish and Wildlife, but they
are closed and would not review messages until Monday. I really do not know
whom to contact. Can anyone advise me?

Bill Byers


Byers345 at comcast.net

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