[Tweeters] springtime Phainopepla in Wenatchee?

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John, Tweets,

There have been a number of Phainopepla reports over the years but only one
has been well enough documented to be on the state list (one from West
Seattle). One has to wonder what could be confused with a Phainopepla.
Presumably some slender, darkish, crested bird. Only obvious locals that
come to mind are Steller's Jay (a blackish juvenile, perhaps) and an
immature Cedar Waxwing (for a female Phainopepla, perhaps).

Gene Hunn

Lake Forest Park, WA

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Hi Tweeters,

Since there was a report of a Phainopepla in Mill Creek my question is has
there been any sighted in the Wenatchee area? I thought I saw one outside
of Wenatchee in Malaga this spring on a telephone line. I got a good look at
it and even turned around to take another look but it had flown away. After
looking in my bird book and seeing the areas it usually stays in (southwest)
I dismissed it though.

All the best,

John D'Antoni


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